Videos by Sebastian Hinkel
The Story of Mankind by Kinky Friedman (12/99)
Kinky Friedman about the window of time (12/99)
Kinky Friedman about failed works and Jesus (12/99)
Kinky Friedman about Cuban cigars... (12/99)
Bill Wyman about the reason to make music (05/2001)
Bill Wyman about his Rythm Kings (05/2001)
Bill Wyman about being in the Stones during the 60s (05/2001)
Bill Wyman about leaving the Rolling Stones ... (05/2001)
Patti Smith about the original version of "Redondo Beach" (08/2002)
A message to the kids by Patti Smith (08/2002)
Patti Smith about living in NY during the 1970s (08/2002)
Patti Smith about the gender question (08/2002)